DIY Candy Recipes

DIY Candy RecipesWho doesn’t love candy? Seriously, I don’t know a human alive who doesn’t. Whether it’s chocolate, sugary, chewy, or gummy, there’s a candy for every person. Until recently, though, I didn’t think much about making it myself. But there are plenty of yummy (and easy) DIY candy recipes around, including some we’ve made! Take a look […]

Traditional Blackberry & Strawberry Cobbler Recipe

Normally when I make a cobbler I take shortcuts-I’m not going to lie. I’ll use baking mixes and throw some fruit in a dish, pour batter on top and bake. Easy right? Earlier this week I came across this traditional cobbler recipe online and I was so intrigued by her from scratch, old school approach…

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Easy Snickers Brownies Recipe

Easy SNICKERS Brownies from boxed mixI am all about sweet and salty together.  That is probably why SNICKERS are one of my most favorite treats.  So one day, I was looking at my little hidden SNICKERS Minis bars (don’t judge, I have to hide food) and had a great idea.  So, I tried some new brownies.  OH! EM! GEE!  Yeah, they […]

Over 30 Bread Machine Desserts

Bread Machine DessertsLet’s face it: Bread machines are awesome. They make whipping up homemade bread so much easier! You can just toss the dough ingredients inside, and then let it mix and rise the dough for you. After that, you’re good to use the dough for whatever you like, including desserts! And that’s why I’ve put together […]

Perfect Mini Donut Maker Recipes

Perfect Mini Donut Maker RecipesIf you’re ready to bake your own bakery-style treats, check out this list of perfect mini donut maker recipes! With so many recipe variations, you’re sure to find a recipe you want to bake for your family! Perfect Mini Donut Maker Recipes: These Lemon Poppy Seed Mini Donuts look so light and refreshing – perfect for a brunch! […]

Cookie Exchange: 30+ Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Exchange Over 30 RecipesIt is almost Christmas time and that means it is time for some cookie exchanges! To help you come up with a fun and unique cookie recipe for your annual exchange, I have compiled over 30 of the best cookie recipes from around the web! I hope you find something useful or even find a new […]