Colorado Crafts for Kids

Colorado Crafts for KidsThe state of Colorado is probably best known for the Rocky Mountains – an enormous mountain range that runs through the state and along the American West. With such large mountains, it might seem like Colorado is only plains and deserts, but there’s a lot more to this state, including weather patterns, awesome wildlife, and […]

Nebraska Crafts for Kids

Nebraska Crafts for KidsThe song America the Beautiful refers to the “fruited plain” in the U.S. Nebraska is one of those plains states! This part of the United States features acres and acres of flat plains and grasslands. As a result, Nebraska experiences severe weather several times each year. Along with its flat plains, Nebraska is also the […]

Nevada Crafts for Kids

Nevada Crafts for KidsWhat do you know about the state of Nevada? When I was young, the only thing I knew about it was that Las Vegas was located there. I always thought the city’s lights were incredible and I wanted to visit so I could see them in person. But there’s a lot more to Nevada than the […]

West Virginia Crafts for Kids

West Virginia Crafts for KidsWest Virginia is located in the heart of Appalachia – the region of the U.S. situated among the Applachian Mountains. Due to its geographic location, the state is full of high hills, low valleys, and small villages. West Virginia is best known for its coal mines, but it’s also full of amazing wildlife, rich history, […]

Kansas Crafts for Kids

Kansas Crafts for KidsWhen you think of the state of Kansas, what comes to mind? Personally, I think of wheat fields, acres of farmland, and barns. Which is fitting, because one of Kansas’ biggest industries is farming. In fact, Kansas farms feature such varied products as cotton, soybeans, pigs, corn, wheat, and dairy! But there’s a lot more […]

Oregon Crafts for Kids

Oregon Crafts for KidsThe state of Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest, which means that it’s home to all kinds of cool creatures and fascinating habitats! When you’re ready to learn more about this area of the United States, be sure to try these fun Oregon crafts for kids as part of your geography lesson! These crafts include […]

Fun Things For Kids To Do With Contact Paper

contact paper crafts for kids to makeAs more advanced crafting supplies have come on the market, classic crafting materials have kind of fallen by the wayside. But there are still plenty of ways to use low-cost, easy materials to make crafts with kids! One of those classic crafting supplies is contact paper. And, even though we live in the age of […]

Minnesota Crafts for Kids

Minnesota Crafts for KidsThe state of Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and with good reason! This state is packed with bodies of water, including some famous ones such as Lake Minnetonka. Along with its lakes, Minnesota also features tall mountains, large forests, and all kinds of wildlife! Use these cute Minnesota crafts for kids to […]