Crockpot Dips for Football Season

Crockpot Dips for Football SeasonAre you ready for some football??? Believe it or not, summer is winding down and it’s time for football season again! There’s nothing better than having some friends over for game day and, of course, they’ll want to eat some food! Since football games make for awesome snacking marathons, I thought you’d enjoy this list […]

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

How to make spicy buffalo chicken dipWe have already established that my husband loves him some hot stuff, but me and Thomas aren’t so crazy about it.  That’s what makes this Buffalo Chicken Dip perfect!  It isn’t too spicy, but my husband can throw some extra Tabasco Sauce on his portion and gobble it up!  Plus, throw it in the Crockpot […]

Pinwheel Recipes from Crescent Rolls

Pinwheel Recipes from Crescent RollsWe’ve all been there. You plan a party. You make one fabulous entree after another. You decorate and buy enough paper plates and flatware to feed the entire neighborhood. Then your guests arrive and you realize that you have nothing for them to eat while they wait on dinner! Gulp. When you need an appetizer […]

Monster Cookie Dough Dip

Monster Cookie Dough Dip for PartiesWe are huge college football fans in my house, so I love a good tailgate. And when I am thinking game day snacks, I’m thinking dip. So why not a dip for dessert? Just save a few of those pretzels, make some cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, or find these awesome chocolate tortilla chips! Every tailgating […]

Triscuit Dip Recipes

Triscuit Dip RecipesHave a house full of hungry kids? Or are you planning to have a big game day party soon? You’ll need some easy and yummy appetizers to serve. When you’re getting ready to plan a big party or when you just want to have some easy snacks around the house, these delicious Triscuit dip recipes will […]

Over 30 Movie Night Snack Ideas

Over 30 Movie Night Snack IdeasWe try to have Family Movie Night a couple of times a month. Each time, we choose a family-friendly film, have a fun snack, and enjoy the time together. Sometimes, though, I get so busy with the week that I don’t have time to think of a snack to make for the kids. And that’s […]